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Why join us?

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There are many reasons why you should join RECOVERY EXCHANGE - if you speak to any of our subscribed companies, you will find a wide range of reasons why the RECOVERY EXCHANGE has become such an integral part of their daily business.
Here are just some of the things that our members tell us about the Recovery Exchange:

  • helps tackle 'dead mileage!
  • makes sure that we never let a customer down - instant coverage across the country!
  • a flexible national network that's 'always there' when you need it!
  • an information network that allows us to trade with 1000's of other companies, instantly!
  • helps us to win larger contracts!
  • a superb networking tool - enables us to form nationwide partnerships!
  • proves to potential customers that we have back-up!
  • access to specialist transport solution providers!

We have a subscription package suitable for everyone - whether you're a professional owner-driver, fleet operator or a large company.


Recovery exchange is for the benefit of its users we do not charge a commision for the work you receive. 

3 months £85 
6 months  £120 
12 months £175 

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